I’m baaaaack!

It’s me again.  I’m back at it again, except this time I’m in JOU 250, which focuses more on using multimedia to tell stories.  I’ve added a slideshow and a story to go with it and a video will be coming soon.

Also, in case you didn’t notice, I changed the name of my blog.  The term “journo” refers to a journalism student.

Hope you enjoy! More is yet to come!


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Today was the last day of my Media Design and Photography class.  In some ways, I’m sad it’s over, but in other ways, I’m a bit relieved.

I learned an incredible amount of new skills during this class that I know will help me in the future.  I think what has grown the most is my knowledge of photography.  Coming into this class, I didn’t know a whole lot other than the “point and shoot” method.  Now I can look at my surroundings and know what kinds of things are appealing to viewers and how to get cool shots.  My knowledge of PhotoShop has increased as well, which can help me improve the quality of my photos.  I’m really happy I got the opportunity to learn how to use SoundSlides and learn more about Final Cut.  Both are multimedia tools that I think are very important and useful.

In the future, I plan to use all of these skills in many ways, especially since I’m a PR major.  Multimedia is growing in all parts of journalism, but I think maybe even more in PR.  The use of visual aids (photos, slideshows, videos) can be very effective and because of this class, I hope I will be able to put my skills to use to create great things in the world of PR.

P.S.- Dennis, you are a phenomenal professor and I’m so glad you stuck around long enough so I could have you in class.  Enjoy your retirement and I hope you’ll come back to visit!

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It’s All About the Sequence

As the amount of time left in Media Design is dwindling, the amount of work is not.  We’re still working hard right up until finals week to get our blog ready for our final presentations.  This week the focus is still video, but more about storytelling.  Colin Mulvany’s blog post about sequencing really caught my eye.  I think it will help me to remember when editing that I need to break up my footage into effective, smaller clips in order to keep my audience interested in the video.  Watching the same thing for too long causes the viewer to become bored and nobody wants that.  The post goes on to talk about getting a variety of shots from different angles and perspectives, which is also important when trying to entertain your audience.  I hope to use these skills when completing my final video project, which will be coming soon to computer a near you!

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A Place to Start

Video is the name of the game during the last few weeks in Media Design.  I’ve really enjoyed it so far.  I had some experience in high school with video and using Final Cut, but this class has shown me much easier ways to accomplish certain tasks.

The most interesting thing we’ve covered so far in our video unit is the Five Shot Method.  I think it’s really useful because it gives you a good starting place for your video, which is something I have struggled with.  I begin with the five shots from the method (hands, face, over the shoulder, plus two other creative angles), and move on from there, depending on what I’m shooting and what fits the story.

Another thing to remember is to get creative and try new things when shooting.  Just because you shot it, doesn’t mean you have to use it.

That’s a wrap!

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Lines, colors, and framing…oh my!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Media Design is going pretty well.  An assignment we had for class was capturing different types of photo compositions.  I really liked parts of this assignment because I was able to put what I had learned in class to use.  In other ways it was challenging to find some of the things that matched the criteria.  I took most of my photos in my dorm room and on a walk in the park near campus.  This assignment caused me to look at my surroundings in a much different way.  Instead of just taking in what is around me, I think of how things would look in a picture and what I could find to make a good picture.  This assignment affected all of my photography.  I try to use some of these techniques in all of my photos.  I have discovered that I like taking depth of field photos most.  Before this class, I had always wondered how to make certain subjects in my photos blurry and now I know!

My favorite photos from this assignment are the three cup and saucer pictures.  The cup and saucer was something I could take with me to different locations and use to create a number of the composition techniques.  I liked these because I was able to use my own creativity and did not have to use just my surroundings.  I was able to add the cup and saucer to what was already there and make a common object something special.

The most difficult to capture was definitely the S-shaped curve photo.  That was one of the last photos I took on my walk in the park.  I never would have noticed it if I had not stopped and looked really hard for something S-shaped.  I had to look at the fence from a certain distance and angle to see its S-shape.  Although it was kind of hard to find, I am really happy with what I ended up with.

I enjoyed this assignment and I think it helped me improve my photography skills a lot.


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The Magic of Audio

We crossed the threshold into audio this week in Media Design and I’m kind of excited about it.  So far I’ve learned that audio ethics and print ethics are pretty similar, but the story outlines for these mediums differ (inverted pyramid v. story arc).

I’m finding that I’m quite the fan of audio interviews.  Instead of worry about getting everything written down correctly, I can actually slow down and listen to what my subject has to say.  It also allows you to use natural sound to add to your story and helps the listener’s imagination picture what is happening in the story.

I’m also very excited about adding Audacity to my library of tools and I’m hoping to create some cool stuff with it to add to my portfolio and become that much more valuable for possible internships.

The things I really want to remember are:

• Location is very important for an audio interview.  You want to avoid a lot of extra background noise if possible.

• It’s o.k. to mess up.  Mistakes can always be edited out later.

• Always do a sound check to avoid getting through an entire interview just to realize your mic didn’t pick up a word your subject said.

• The story arc is a little different from the print outline called the inverted pyramid.

Woo hoo for audio!


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I Saw the Light

This week in Media Design/Photography, we discussed the concept and different techniques of lighting.  I feel like these will really help my photography improve.

The most important things I learned were:

• Types of light: Front, Side, Back

• Overcast light : This is sometimes called “even light” & the clouds act as a filter.

• “Sunny 16 Rule”: I had no idea this even existed. This makes me want to shoot on a sunny day.

• The Sky Brothers : They can help me with metering & get the correct exposure.

The things I want to remember are:

• Sidelight is best for portraits.

• Overcast lighting is good for close-ups of flowers (I hope to get some once the weather is nicer & things start to bloom).

• I can use reflectors when dealing with backlight to avoid shadows.

• There’s a time period of about 20 minutes after sunset where the light is a dusky, blue color, which makes for some cool pictures.

I’m really enjoying this class and learning a lot of useful skills that I think will benefit me in the future.  Lighting is crucial to great photography.



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