Subconscious Knowledge

I’ve always had the “point and shoot” attitude when it comes to photography.  I find it kind of crazy that I’ve actually used legitimate techniques and didn’t even know it.

• Rule of thirds

Looking back at photos I’ve taken in the past, I’ve used the rule of thirds.  I feel like those who have a knack for photography will subconsciously use this rule.  I like this technique because I think it gives photos balance.

• Rule of space

I love the rule of space.  I love the effect it gives photos, especially the way it makes the viewer wonder what is going on in the rest of the picture.  It can also help tell the story in the picture.

• Rule of odds

This rule is one I had never really thought about before.  When reading about it, I learned that groups of odd numbers are actually more appealing.  I agree with this and find it very interesting.  The number of items in a photo is something I’d never looked at in depth before.

I’ve learned a lot so far in Media Design and have had some great success with the photos I’ve taken.




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2 responses to “Subconscious Knowledge

  1. Dennis Cripe

    I think you’ve discovered a simple truth about photography. Good photography often is instinctive. And it’s about simplifying things. Composition is not about rules. It’s about a way of seeing. When you balance your subject with a certain about of “negative” space, you are seeing your subject in a special way. The same can be said for the Rule and Thirds, Rule of Odds and other things. It’s how you are seeing the image at a point in time.

    You’ve got a good blog going with solid posts, Natalie. Now, keep it going.

  2. Bettie Cline

    Really cool photos. I love what you are doing!!!!!!

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