I Saw the Light

This week in Media Design/Photography, we discussed the concept and different techniques of lighting.  I feel like these will really help my photography improve.

The most important things I learned were:

• Types of light: Front, Side, Back

• Overcast light : This is sometimes called “even light” & the clouds act as a filter.

• “Sunny 16 Rule”: I had no idea this even existed. This makes me want to shoot on a sunny day.

• The Sky Brothers : They can help me with metering & get the correct exposure.

The things I want to remember are:

• Sidelight is best for portraits.

• Overcast lighting is good for close-ups of flowers (I hope to get some once the weather is nicer & things start to bloom).

• I can use reflectors when dealing with backlight to avoid shadows.

• There’s a time period of about 20 minutes after sunset where the light is a dusky, blue color, which makes for some cool pictures.

I’m really enjoying this class and learning a lot of useful skills that I think will benefit me in the future.  Lighting is crucial to great photography.




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  1. Dennis

    Great post, Natalie. If you can remember just two or three of the items you mentioned in your post, you’ll see very steady improvement. Thanks for taking the lighting portion of the class so seriously. Now, apply what you’ve learned to the Comp 1 assignment. Good luck.

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