The Magic of Audio

We crossed the threshold into audio this week in Media Design and I’m kind of excited about it.  So far I’ve learned that audio ethics and print ethics are pretty similar, but the story outlines for these mediums differ (inverted pyramid v. story arc).

I’m finding that I’m quite the fan of audio interviews.  Instead of worry about getting everything written down correctly, I can actually slow down and listen to what my subject has to say.  It also allows you to use natural sound to add to your story and helps the listener’s imagination picture what is happening in the story.

I’m also very excited about adding Audacity to my library of tools and I’m hoping to create some cool stuff with it to add to my portfolio and become that much more valuable for possible internships.

The things I really want to remember are:

• Location is very important for an audio interview.  You want to avoid a lot of extra background noise if possible.

• It’s o.k. to mess up.  Mistakes can always be edited out later.

• Always do a sound check to avoid getting through an entire interview just to realize your mic didn’t pick up a word your subject said.

• The story arc is a little different from the print outline called the inverted pyramid.

Woo hoo for audio!



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2 responses to “The Magic of Audio

  1. I’m glad you’re liking audio! I liked interviewing but the editing was kind of tricky. Like you, I think it’s okay to mess up. When I was interviewing my roommate, she said, “Uh…Oh…I don’t remember what I was going to say!” I told her it was alright and I could edit it out.

    Good luck with audio, Natalie!

  2. Good post, Natalie. Audio really does allow the subject’s voice to be heard in exactly the way they intended. Not only are their words recorded, but also the pitch and speed of their voice, which helps to clarify the meaning and attitude of their speech and feelings. The excitement or sadness in a person’s voice can tell a story in itself.

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