Lines, colors, and framing…oh my!

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Media Design is going pretty well.  An assignment we had for class was capturing different types of photo compositions.  I really liked parts of this assignment because I was able to put what I had learned in class to use.  In other ways it was challenging to find some of the things that matched the criteria.  I took most of my photos in my dorm room and on a walk in the park near campus.  This assignment caused me to look at my surroundings in a much different way.  Instead of just taking in what is around me, I think of how things would look in a picture and what I could find to make a good picture.  This assignment affected all of my photography.  I try to use some of these techniques in all of my photos.  I have discovered that I like taking depth of field photos most.  Before this class, I had always wondered how to make certain subjects in my photos blurry and now I know!

My favorite photos from this assignment are the three cup and saucer pictures.  The cup and saucer was something I could take with me to different locations and use to create a number of the composition techniques.  I liked these because I was able to use my own creativity and did not have to use just my surroundings.  I was able to add the cup and saucer to what was already there and make a common object something special.

The most difficult to capture was definitely the S-shaped curve photo.  That was one of the last photos I took on my walk in the park.  I never would have noticed it if I had not stopped and looked really hard for something S-shaped.  I had to look at the fence from a certain distance and angle to see its S-shape.  Although it was kind of hard to find, I am really happy with what I ended up with.

I enjoyed this assignment and I think it helped me improve my photography skills a lot.



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3 responses to “Lines, colors, and framing…oh my!

  1. Mariah Kinzie

    I also agree that the saucer and cup photo assignment was my favorite too. I loved being able to take something so simple and place it in an environment that was bright and beautiful. I also had a hard time with the S-shape as I said in Morgan’s blog. I enjoyed taking the Ernie Pyle museum with you.

  2. Hey Natalie,
    Your picture of the faucet and water dripping into the mug is very nice. I like the color contrast between the porcelain sink and the blood-red ceramic, and the repeating pattern of the sinks in the background provides a good visual interest. The depth of field adds greatly to the shot, and further highlights the contrast. You’ve got a lot going on in this shot. . . vertical lines, repeating patterns, color contrast, depth of field, and I think rule of 1/3rds is going on in there somewhere. You are really working your skills, and it shows. Very nice. 🙂
    and by the way. . . .

  3. p39sloane

    I definitely agree with the S-curve comment, finding it hard to capture. I think all of us have found however that it is about envisioning the shot before you find it. It helps you understand what you are looking for. Keep up the good work.

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