A Place to Start

Video is the name of the game during the last few weeks in Media Design.  I’ve really enjoyed it so far.  I had some experience in high school with video and using Final Cut, but this class has shown me much easier ways to accomplish certain tasks.

The most interesting thing we’ve covered so far in our video unit is the Five Shot Method.  I think it’s really useful because it gives you a good starting place for your video, which is something I have struggled with.  I begin with the five shots from the method (hands, face, over the shoulder, plus two other creative angles), and move on from there, depending on what I’m shooting and what fits the story.

Another thing to remember is to get creative and try new things when shooting.  Just because you shot it, doesn’t mean you have to use it.

That’s a wrap!


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One response to “A Place to Start

  1. Dennis Cripe

    Sometimes that final “creative shot” ends up being the one you use to maybe begin your video. Since those first 10 to 15 seconds are so important, trying a lot of ideas within the 5-shot method can pay off. Keep up the good work, Natalie. I’m looking forward to seeing that 60 second edit on Monday.

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