It’s All About the Sequence

As the amount of time left in Media Design is dwindling, the amount of work is not.  We’re still working hard right up until finals week to get our blog ready for our final presentations.  This week the focus is still video, but more about storytelling.  Colin Mulvany’s blog post about sequencing really caught my eye.  I think it will help me to remember when editing that I need to break up my footage into effective, smaller clips in order to keep my audience interested in the video.  Watching the same thing for too long causes the viewer to become bored and nobody wants that.  The post goes on to talk about getting a variety of shots from different angles and perspectives, which is also important when trying to entertain your audience.  I hope to use these skills when completing my final video project, which will be coming soon to computer a near you!


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  1. Also, remember that if you sequence your video as you shoot , it will be much easier to edit later. I’m teaching an Intro to Video Storytelling class right now, and my students just finished their sequencing video based on my “Sequencing is the foundation of video editing” blog post. They did great because I also stressed to them that they allow the action to enter and leave the frame. This creates edit points that make natural transitions in a sequence. Glad the post helped.


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